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Innovation Week 2019

Powering Economic Growth while solving Social and Environmental Challenges

How Innovation can accelerate the Impact Economy?

20 - 24 May 2019

Innovation Week in Belgrade!

The second Innovation Week will be held in Belgrade from May 20th to 24th, entitled "How Innovation can Accelerate Impact Economy"

This year we want to focus on finding a balance between economic growth and addressing social and environmental challenges, in order to create conditions for building a sustainable equity-based society.

Therefore, we've decided to bring renowned domestic and foreign experts who will share knowledge and information regarding better adaptation to the global technological and economic landscapes, with a special emphasis on the ethical, moral, legal and political implication of technology implementation.

Also, through sectoral linking, we need to emphasize the importance of innovation in all aspects of society, not solely in science and technology. Together, we'll find the answers to the question - How to reach a Sustainable Development and Impact Economy through Innovation, as opportunities that are available to every individual in society.

In addition to business associations, Innovation Week was also joined by the embassies of the leading innovation countries, such as United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Israel, and Australia, whose representatives will participate in the program. This year's event also has the support of the Cabinet of the Minister for Innovation and Technological Development of Serbia.

Inspired by last year's experience, Innovation Week 2019 will continue with innovative formats that will include workshops, exhibitions, and round tables, with a special emphasis on dynamic communication and involvement of interested visitors.

This year's event program will consist of several components that will include the Conference Day, ReCap Conference Day in partnership with Impact Hub, as well as the Award Ceremony of the annual awards for ideas and initiatives in the field of innovation.

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See you at the Innovation Week 2019!