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Innovation Week 2019

Powering Economic Growth while solving Social and Environmental Challenges

How Innovation can accelerate the Impact Economy?

20 - 24 May 2019

Become a Part of Innovation Week!

The solutions cannot be offered solely by governments and businesses.

For that reason, we want to establish long term partnerships based on togetherness on all levels that will have a spillover effect and include individuals, families, companies, institutions, and communities.

We need to share knowledge and information to better understand the future and rapidly changing world influenced by global technological and economic landscapes as well as the ethical, moral, legal and political implications of technologies implementations.

Are you an innovator yourself?

Do you have a solution of your own for current local and global challenges?

If your answer is YES, then record a short video offering your innovative solution and email it at

Share your opinion with us. It matters!

By combining synergies, we can make a greater impact and better society for present and future generations.

The submission process will close on Sunday, 5th May at 00:01 GMT+2.

For more information about the contest, check out our Annual Awards.