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Innovation Week 2019

Powering Economic Growth while solving Social and Environmental Challenges

How Innovation can accelerate the Impact Economy?

20 - 24 May 2019


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The solutions cannot be offered solely by governments and businesses.

For that reason, we want to establish long term partnerships based on togetherness on all levels that will have a spillover effect and include individuals, families, companies, institutions, and communities.

We need to share knowledge and information to better understand the future and rapidly changing world influenced by global technological and economic landscapes as well as the ethical, moral, legal and political implications of technologies implementations.

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Innovation Week in Belgrade!

The second Innovation Week will be held in Belgrade from May 20th to 24th, entitled "How Innovation can Accelerate Impact Economy"

This year we want to focus on finding a balance between economic growth and addressing social and environmental challenges, in order to create conditions for building a sustainable equity-based society.

Therefore, we've decided to bring renowned domestic and foreign experts who will share knowledge and information regarding better adaptation to the global technological and economi...

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